i really hope the 4th album doesnt leak when im in class or doing something important or sleeping like i need to be #alert 

"I look like a fish"



if any of you are planning to leak one direction’s new album please wait till im online thanks

her humour tho...


"I've always been the blond one, so i wanted to change my hair a bit.”


make me choose → anonymous asked: payzer or sophiam


my sister’s view on one direction’s fashion sense:

  • louis: “smoked weed once and won’t let anyone forget it”
  • zayn: “posh college student ft. laid back beyonce”
  • harry: “hippie mom that’s a little too happy about being pregnant”
  • niall: “frat boy… might’ve sucked some dick but no one judges him”
  • liam: “he looks like he’s about to get into a rap battle”